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6 Excellent Timekeeping Apps for Lawyers [Updated]

With the ability to customize different billable rates for different clients, Timewerks Pro offers a complete timekeeping system for attorneys. Additional subscription options allow you to sync your time records via www. Among my favorite features which, amazingly enough, is NOT universal is that you are able to enter all of your time and data even when no network connection is available.

All information is stored on your device. The original version of this post listed the Timewerks app now Timewerks Classic. Time Tracker is designed for ease of use, optimized to take full advantage of touch screen devices. Assign specific labels to your cases, enter time, and switch between matters with a single tap of the screen. Quickly moving from one matter to another is especially easy on Time Tracker.

However, where Time Tracker truly shines is the visualizations and reports available to track your time. Additionally, you can easily export the data in CSV format, making it easy to incorporate into most traditional billing systems. While not the flashiest of the timekeeping apps on the list, OfficeTime offers all the basic tools necessary for attorneys who need to keep track of billable time and expenses on the go.

With the ability to organize and categorize billing information by project, task, or client, as well as to-the-minute billing for anyone tired of recording in 6-minute increments, I guess , all the basic tools you need are right here. Additionally, OfficeTime now has compatibility with various calendar systems, including iCal, which allows users to view billing and time-tracking information within their current calendar systems. Time Clock Pro is an excellent timekeeping app for lawyers, combining numerous features together into an intuitive, flexible system.

With the ability to track time based on manually entered time, or based on a running time clock, this app provides excellent flexibility for different uses. Switch tasks using a single button, track expenses, record notes within each one of your billing entries, and produce reports based on your time Dropbox and Google Drive Compatible.

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The TimeClock Pro is an entirely self-sufficient, standalone app, but by signing up for a free TimeClock account, you gain access to numerous additional features, like instant data backups, the ability to view — and review — all of your entries on a laptop or desktop computer, and an optional invoice system.

Is there anything I missed? If you feel that there are timekeeping apps for lawyers that I should have included on this list, let me know! Brian Focht is a civil litigation attorney and technology enthusiast. CaseFox includes everything that you need to run a law office, CPA office or a consultancy. Another tool that you should take into consideration is time recording software from Replicon — http: It is a cloud-based application which is available for iphone and android.

It integrates instantly with quickbooks.

There's more

We can track our time, bill directly from within the iphone app. It would be best to integrate with a desktop component to measure time and activities spent on the computer as well. But it would be nice to have something that could bring all this data together into one place. This tool helps a lot in time as well as project management. Give it a go.

Time tracking software and applications from Replicon could also be considered as the best tool to be considered there of for the better management and keeping of time and ultimately delivers the success at every possible cause. If you like tracking time on your mobile device, try Mobile Worker http: Available for Android only. Great article with some great feedback. I have been on the hunt for a really powerful software for sometime now.

I see some suggestions for me to look into and wanted to ask if anyone knew about the software PracticePanther or Abacus. Has anyone used them and do they have a preference.

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I would like to add Saus https: A fairly new tool for time tracking, but it works best for me. It makes tracking easy and helps to prevent gaps in your logs, thanks to the clear week-overview. Besides that it helps to bill and manage clients. You may Track the billable time so that your firm can invoice it and get paid for it. I ended doing a free trial for CaseFox and PracticePanther. Great suggestion still and thanks for the help. Please visit http: Billable time is the buzz word for these ever busy people. Basic time recorder with billing feature will work wonder.

Here's the lowdown on time-tracking software for lawyers

I rather tell them to have a phone battery backup unlike these apps have offine tracking capability. Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing tool on the planet. Chances are, most lawyers use Microsoft Word to draft documents, write memos, and compose contracts.

Now that Microsoft has made Word available to iPhone users, lawyers can now view, share, and edit documents on the go. The free version allows you to view, create, and edit documents, however the full word experience and premium features requires a qualifying Office subscription.

DocuSign provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from others.

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The app eliminates the hassles, costs, and lack of security in printing, faxing, scanning, and overnighting documents for signature. Many lawyers are involved with writing and sending contracts all day and that requires a lot of signatures.

Hours Time Tracking And Overcast Podcast Player : Best New iOS Apps

DocuSign enables lawyers on the go to sign any document online for free, no pen or paper required. You can create a signature and initials either by using your finger or stylus, uploading a picture of your signature, or selecting one of the preformatted styles. This app could be quite useful for getting clients to sign off on documents or contracts without the need for them to come and physically sign it.

Looking for a law practice management software? PracticePanther is used by thousands of lawyers in over countries worldwide.

Now you can automate your firm, and get more done in less time. Fastcase Mobile Cost: Toggl for iPhone Cost: For many lawyers, capturing billable time is the bane of their existence. In the old days, billable time was tracked on paper time sheets, followed by a lengthy back-and-forth exchange with an administrative assistant. These days, however, using law practice management or legal billing software with built-in time tracking features or other stand-alone time-tracking software, you can enter time no matter where you are using a mobile device.

These mobile time-tracking tools make it possible to track your time and enter it contemporaneously, ensuring that you capture—and charge for—all of your billable time. In this article, cloud-based time-tracking tools will be covered; legal invoicing and payment processing tools will be covered in a later column. Most products offer a mobile app that includes a timer and the ability to enter time from any internet-enabled device.

Time can also typically be tracked and entered from a laptop or desktop computer. One benefit to this approach is that the billable time that you enter is automatically associated with the correct matter, making it a simple task to create and edit an invoice and then send it off to your client with the click of a button. Additionally, the time-tracking function is often built into the price you already pay to use the software suite.

Toggl - Attorney Time Tracking Software

Of course if you go this route, one potential drawback is that it requires a commitment to a law practice management or billing system. Certainly not all lawyers are interested in this type of investment. For those lawyers, stand-alone time-tracking apps are a viable option. Nevertheless, it is still more efficient than tracking your time on a paper time sheet. What follows is a description of some of time-tracking software products that are often used by lawyers.