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Tips If iTunes does not download the voice memo after you sync your iPhone, then you may not have voice memos set to sync automatically. If it is not, check it, then perform another sync. Apple also installs Voice Memos on recent versions of the iPod. References 1 Apple: About the Author Based in New York City, I am an online video producer who has more than five years of experience working in digital media. Accessed 20 February Pennypacker, Theodora.

Hands-On iOS 7 Voice Memos App - New Design/Layout

Small Business - Chron. More on those in a moment. There are two other ways to record a Voice Memo in iOS Control Center and 3D Touch. Both offer excellent widgets with quick access to your Voice Memos.

Lack of Voice Memos app in iOS 7 beta could leave space for third-party alternatives

In either of these, tapping on New Recording will launch Voice Memos and immediately begin recording. Along with the New Recording buttons, you can also access the last three recordings you made. There are two main editing tools in the new Voice Memos app. You access the tools by tapping the Edit button in the recording you want to edit. On the iPad, this is visible at the top right of the playback view. On the iPhone, you can find the Edit button by tapping the recording in the list, then tapping the three-dot icon and choosing Edit.

You can also swipe left on a recording to access the same options. After entering Edit mode, you can scrub the waveform of the recording to find the spot you want to edit. The red Record button changes to a Replace button, and tapping it will record over the current audio. Right now, you cannot undo this. Next up are trim and delete. In the same screen, tap the crop icon the little square-ish icon at top left in the iPad screenshots here. This brings up the Trim and Delete screen.

Here, you move the yellow handles to select a section of the audio clip. You can move the handles on either the upper or the lower waveforms, and the other one will mirror the one you manipulate.

How to make more complex recordings

Once you have the selection you want, you can tap either Trim or Delete. Trim removes everything except the current selection. Delete removes whatever you have selected. Instead of re-recording the entire solo, you just punch in the right note over that duff one.

iOS How to use the new Voice Memos app | Macworld

In the final release version of Voice Memos, you punch in by moving the playhead to the beginning of the section you want to replace, and tapping Replace. The app starts dubbing over the original audio track, just like recording over a cassette tape. You can also rename, share and duplicate any of your recordings. And, of course, you can delete them.