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Not the most exciting changes, we admit.

Hey folks, we are happy to announce you can now use git-backed public plugins on PhoneGap Build. This enables you to iterate and test plugins for your apps without the need to upload them to PhoneGap Build or the npm repository. Adding git-backed plugins to your application is easy and It includes the following individual platform releases: The plugin changes will be deployed November, 20th at 1: Hey folks, starting today some of you found out config. For most users this will have no change. But for some users who use the Cordova cli you will find your workflow just got easier.

Basically we have allowed Cordova cli config.


All android builds using any PhoneGap version above 4. For most users this change will not have an effect. Users who know what this change means and realise the flexibility it provides to plugin authors and users will most likely dance. Rationale The main PhoneGap 5.

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A few months ago we announced support for building with Cordova plugins from the npm repository, and have since been encouraging plugin developers to publish plugins there instead of on Build. The latest version can be used by setting the following in your config. As part of this move plugins.

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It will move to read-only on July 15th, and will be shuttered on October 15th, We will continue to support plugins from PhoneGap 3. For more details on the update: Update your config. Good news, you can finally hydrate your Windows Phone 8 apps on PhoneGap build! Hydration will be particularly useful on the Windows Phone platform, as Windows Phone xap files can only be installed by using the Application Loader on a Windows machine, which is clearly a limitation of that platform Starting today iOS builds using PhoneGap 3.

Arm64 support was added to cordova in 3. As we skipped this minor version The PhoneGap Build team is excited to announce some big changes all designed to make your dev life easier. Say goodbye to plugin restrictions and no more waiting for reviews and approvals. Changes New features: New application size limits Support for plugins from the Official Cordova Plugin Repository - plugins. Cordova has stopped active The Apache Cordova Project recently released Cordova 3.

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It contains a few very important security updates. On PhoneGap Build, rather than add 3. For more information on the security updates, check out the PhoneGap Build has added support for Cordova 3. For more info about this release, check out these handy links: Apache Cordova 3. However, this meant After numerous requests, handwritten letters, two faxes, and a telegraph asking for support for building from app tags and branches, we listened — its now supported on PhoneGap Build.

This is to simplify authentication and enhance the security of our service by not handling or storing any user credentials. If you registered or can sign in now with Android Resource Qualifiers We have now added full support for Android resource qualifiers in config. Shut up and show me code: PhoneGap Build has added Cordova 3.

Adobe PhoneGap 3. This will include Fitbit creates wireless activity trackers that empower people to live healthier lives. My new mobile app, Fitwatchr, allows Fitbit users to combine their daily calorie tracking features with scientific formulas, motivating them to lose weight, earn extra calories, and achieve their weight loss goals. It is available on iOS and From Apple: What does this mean for PhoneGap Build?

We build PhoneGap 3. In addition, PhoneGap Build will PhoneGap Build aims to take away the pains of configuring SDKs and compiling native applications so you can focus on writing great code. As part of this, we obfuscate management of the platform configuration files — namely your Android Manifest and your iOS Property List.


We configure these files based Now that our holiday shakes are finally gone, PhoneGap Build can release Cordova 3. What a week for PhoneGap Build! In the last couple days, we suffered a set of DB locks during out of office hours Once a plugin is submitted and approved, it becomes available to everyone using PhoneGap Build In addition to providing support for Cordova 3.

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PhoneGap Build is happy to announce that we now support Cordova 3. Thats not happening We welcome you to try building Windows Phone 8 applications with this new version of PhoneGap Build and deploy to you devices. As this is a beta release, there are You can start using 3.

PhoneGap CLI 3.6.3

Keep in mind that If you travel a lot, you need to check out TripCase, a free web and mobile app for travelers built for Apple and Android platforms using several developer tools, with PhoneGap playing a leading role. This is our heads up! In July we had two major updates - user submitted plugins and support for Japanese. We also had an incredibly successful PhoneGap Day in July - more details here. Since we released PhoneGap 3. Thanks guys! When will we start to see iOS7 support? The very same day that Apple ships This new feature allows you to submit plugins for public use on PhoneGap Build.

Any plugin may be submitted, and once approved, becomes available for the entire PhoneGap Build community to enjoy. In the near future, we will be releasing a new feature that allows users to submit online their own plugins to PhoneGap Build. Starting with Cordova 2. If you would like your project to depend directly on your Cordova installation's version of CordovaLib, you can use: You should see the screen below, with a pulsating green "device is ready" message. If you have compilation problems related to missing headers, the build products should build into the same build directory.

This is the default setting for Xcode on a fresh new install, if you upgraded from older versions of Xcode, you might have a legacy preference in there that you need to update. You now have an Xcode project setup and you can build and run on the Simulator and device. It is important to understand that you do not need to use Xcode to write your web application. admin