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Lee , a private-equity investor, sold Jim Beam J. The exclusive right to the primary sale of the "Celebration" series is held by Gagosian Gallery, his dominant dealer. Today Koons works closely with Gagosian and with Sonnabend. Eli Broad has 24 pieces, and Dakis Joannou owns some 38 works from all stages of the artist's career. Among curators and art collectors and others in the art world, Koons' work is labeled as Neo-pop or Post-Pop as part of a s movement in reaction to the pared-down art of Minimalism and Conceptualism in the previous decade.

Koons resists such comments: Irony causes too much critical contemplation". The meaning is only what one perceives at first glance; there is no gap between what the work is in itself and what is perceived. He tries to reach a widest possible audience by using familiar objects with sentimental value. He considers it his mission to make the viewer confident of his own judgment and taste.

He has caused controversy by the elevation of unashamed kitsch into the high-art arena, exploiting more throwaway subjects than, for example, Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans. His work Balloon Dog — is based on balloons twisted into shape to make a toy dog. Yet for all his alleged faults, Koons is also praised by some art critics. Theorist Samito Jalbuena wrote, "From the beginning of his controversial career, Koons overturned the traditional notion of art inside and out.

Focusing on banal objects as models, he questioned standards of normative values in art, and, instead, embraced the vulnerabilities of aesthetic hierarchies and taste systems. Koons has received extreme reactions to his work. Critic Amy Dempsey described his Balloon Dog as "an awesome presence Mark Stevens of The New Republic dismissed him as a "decadent artist [who] lacks the imaginative will to do more than trivialize and italicise his themes and the tradition in which he works He is another of those who serve the tacky rich".

In an article comparing the contemporary art scene with show business , renowned critic Robert Hughes wrote that Koons is. Koons really does think he's Michelangelo and is not shy to say so. The significant thing is that there are collectors, especially in America, who believe it.

He has the slimy assurance, the gross patter about transcendence through art, of a blow-dried Baptist selling swamp acres in Florida. And the result is that you can't imagine America's singularly depraved culture without him. Hughes placed Koons' work just above that of Seward Johnson and was quoted in a New York Times article as having stated that comparing their careers was "like debating the merits of dog excrement versus cat excrement".

Koons has been sued several times for copyright infringement over his use of pre-existing images, the original works of others, in his work. In Rogers v. Koons , F. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld a judgment against him for his use of a photograph of puppies as the basis for a sculpture, String of Puppies. Koons also lost lawsuits in United Features Syndicate, Inc. Koons , No.

More recently, he won one lawsuit, Blanch v. The court ruled that Koons had sufficiently transformed the original advertisement so as to qualify as a fair use of the original image. Koons has also threatened others under copyright, claiming that a bookstore in San Francisco infringed his proprietary rights by selling bookends in the shape of balloon dogs.

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A Koons sculpture of a ballerina looks like a copy of the piece Ballerina Lenochka created by the Ukrainian artist Oksana Zhnykrup in As highlighted by articles over the years, including a Wall Street Journal article entitled "Pooling Resources to Fight Child Abuse and Abduction", the issue of child abduction is personal to Koons. Though he offered to marry the girl's mother, she felt that they were too young for the commitment, and the couple reluctantly put the child up for adoption.

Shannon Rodgers reconnected with Koons in During that time, he did not have a studio. After seeing her picture in two European magazines, he had flown to Rome, watched her perform, and gone backstage to suggest that they collaborate on what he then thought would be a movie. She agreed. A series of strenuous photographic sessions became the basis for the "Made in Heaven" paintings and sculptures, in various media.

The movie never got made, but Koons and Staller fell in love. He courted her through an interpreter—she spoke very little English, and Koons, who spoke about four words of Italian, kept trying to communicate directly by speaking English with an Italian accent. The interpreter had to be let go, because she fell in love with Koons. He proposed to Staller in Venice that spring, and they were married a year later. While maintaining a home in Manhattan, Koons and Staller lived in Munich. The marriage ended soon afterward amid allegations that Koons had subjected Staller to physical and emotional abuse.

Koons himself says that Ileana Sonnabend and his father had warned him against it, fearing the worst. It was a moral issue for him. Staller wanted to keep on performing. She also offered, publicly, to have sex with Saddam Hussein in exchange for his releasing foreigners held in Iraq. And then, after divorce proceedings had begun in New York, Staller spirited baby Ludwig out of the New York town house that Koons had rented for them and took him to Rome.

Koons spent more than a decade and millions of dollars in legal battles over custody. The battle ensued with the award of sole custody to Koons by the U. However, he lost custody when the case went to Italy's Supreme Court. Koons is now married to Justine Wheeler, an artist and former employee who began working for Koons' studio in The couple have six children.

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